Challenges with Cross-border Payments Where We Can Help

Short route

The first rule of cross-border payments - less intermediaries, faster payment. The reason for that is simple, each intermediary bank in a chain is responsible for screening/AML and more banks you have in a chain, more chances your payment get stuck. It's pretty common when a payment can take up to 1 month before credited to a beneficiary (or return back to a sender).

Rejected SWIFT payment

What if you have paid to your supplier and your SWIFT payment was rejected? Usually it's not clear what is a real reason. You can double-check beneficiary's account details and place a better details of payment, however still your payment could be a victim of de-risking policy for a correspondent bank in a chain.

With SOWSOF Payment Route Planner you can check which banks are in between sender's bank and beneficiary's bank. Keep in mind, normally you can't select a sender's correspondent bank, however you can place manually another beneficiary's bank.

Alternative currencies

Imagine you have funds in GBP or CHF. You want to avoid conversion to USD/EUR, because each conversion will take a fee from your funds. However you are not sure beneficiary's bank really works with GBP and CHF. With SOWSOF Payment Route Planner you can see all currencies which could be safely used for cross-border transactions without unpredicted FX operations in transit.