Payment Route Planner

In cross-border SWIFT payments it is important to model the route in advance:

We recommend to access Route Planner from a laptop for a better experience.

Price: $15 Limited offer - $7.49 for 5 routes.

How Does It Work?

SOWSOF Route Planner is built on an enterprise-grade database of correspondent relations, which is often used by banks to send SWIFT payments.

1. You find sender's and beneficiary's banks by SWIFT/BIC code.

2. Select a currency and build a route.

3. Make one change at a time to find an optimal route: change sender's banks, beneficiary's bank, currency.

SWIFT Correspondent Banks. Example 1.

Here you can see an example of Route Planner's results for sender's bank CenterCredit in Kazakhstan and beneficiary's bank Hipotekarna in Montenegro with USD as a currency. While CenterCredit has 5 different USD correspondents, none of them are common with Hipotekarna. Even worse, beneficiary's correspondent RBI (RZBAATWWXXX) works via Standard Chartered (SCBLUS33XXX), so you will always have 3 banks in between sender's bank and beneficiary's bank.

SWIFT Correspondent Banks. Example 2.

However if you change a currency to Euro, you have a common RBI as a correspondent bank (RZBAATWWXXX), so Euro looks safer for this payment.